New Day Recovery Center’s Evaluation and Treatment Process:

Every patient is unique. Every plan must be unique.


Assess patient for treatment plan. Treatment plans will be based on ASAM criteria; ASAM is an evidence-based, peer reviewed placement criteria. Studies show misplacement of patients significantly limits benefits that could be obtained with treatment.

Evaluate education level, work experience, and general life skills along with addressing parenting skills.

Evaluate for co-morbid psychiatric conditions and recommend and provide treatment.

Evaluate for health needs, risk factors, and socio-economic needs and provide targeted case management and address them.


Cognitive Behavior Therapy in group and individual therapy formats that address substance use, relapse and relapse prevention, and any co-occurring emotional and mental health concerns that often accompany addiction.

Motivational Interviewing to identify and address the issues of change, insight, and barriers for treatment.

As each patient progresses in treatment and stabilizes, we will address future needs and solutions, including assistance with educational and occupational goals, along with additional life goals.

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