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If you’re struggling with addiction to opioids or alcohol, medication-assisted treatment can help alleviate your withdrawal symptoms and prevent relapse, while you continue to learn other positive coping skills.

MOUD is one of our personalized programs offered at all our locations where you receive a dose of an FDA approved medication that reduces your desire to use. These medications can help curb your cravings and prevent painful withdrawal symptoms using a broad range of MOUD medications to treat each client individually. 

Your medication is administered at specific intervals, as determined by our professionals who will get to know you personally and weigh your needs, goals, and history, to help you maintain sobriety.

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New Day Recovery Center’s Evaluation and Treatment Process:

Every client is unique. Every plan must be unparalleled.


Assess client for treatment plan. Treatment plans will be based on ASAM criteria.


Cognitive Behavior Therapy in group and individual therapy formats that address substance use,