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Our evidence-based treatment programs are offered in a safe and supportive space to find renewed hope and life-long sobriety.
We believe individualized treatment plans are the best way to help our clients understand their addiction and succeed in recovery.
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A typical treatment day at New Day Recovery Center consists of recovery groups, recovery focus time, recreation and social activities, exercise activities, and chores.

You’re allowed to have visitors after you reach the two-week point in your treatment. Visits are held on the weekends between 3 to 5 p.m., and you get to choose which day and time you would like to schedule them. All visitors need approval by the clinical team before they can come visit.

We understand substance use disorder in depth, and know that relapse is sometimes a part of your story. Consequences for relapse are determined by a meeting of the clinical team and may involve being moved to a higher level of care.

While all rooms are set up with two beds, you may or may not have a roommate, depending on how many people are in the program during your stay.

We offer food, snacks, bedding, towels, pillows, hygiene items, clothing and shoes (if needed), cigarettes (if requested), and access to a recreation room and an outdoor space. We will also coordinate any necessary transportation that you may need.

You should bring your ID and insurance cards; names and contact information of those involved in your treatment; any medications you are prescribed in their original bottles; up to seven sets of comfortable clothes; personal hygiene and grooming products (a full list will be provided by an intake specialist); pictures of loved ones; cigarettes (unopened) or a disposable vaping device (unopened and cannot be refillable).