Partnering. Your new trusted partner when life calls for a helping hand.

New Day Recovery Center is here to help.

New Day Recovery Center is an ideal resource for voluntary referrals as well as for and court-ordered and employer-mandated evaluations and treatment. Our unique and compassionate approach insures optimal success, while our rigid clinical protocols produce highly quantitative records and reporting tools.

Those encountering New Day Recovery Center through the court system and legal channels will be treated with the highest level of unconditional care, as well as with the seriousness their cases demand.

Additionally, our team is available for testimonies and as expert witnesses when necessary.

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Winchester, Kentucky

19 Wainscott Avenue, Winchester, KY 40391


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Lexington, Kentucky

2647 Regency Road, Unit 101, Lexington, KY 40503


Phone: (859) 277-4357

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